Gunpowder and Artillery


The Bossonians and other empires discovered Gunpowder at roughly the same time in their histories. Gunpowder technology has been around for roughly two hundred years at this point. Gunpowder and alchemy are generally used for demolitions and artillery, and have not yet supplanted traditional hand weapons for most applications due to difficulty in manufacture and maintenance.


Due to the prevalence of magic users, personal firearms technology has generally remained undeveloped. However, the relative scarcity of arch mages capable of massive, long range devastation has caused a huge surge in the development of larger artillery pieces. Most cannon and mortars are are muzzle loaders, though recent advances in engineering and metallurgy have allowed some primitive breech loading pieces to be fielded. Due to the difficulty of moving artillery trains across the Canyonlands, artillery is almost exclusively mounted on airships or other airborne platforms. Due to the cranky maintenance requirements and difficulty in manufacturing cannon, most empires tend to rely on a smaller number of large guns mounted on self-sufficient airships to ease the headaches that come with deploying artillery pieces in the field.

Gunpowder and Artillery

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