Empire of Bos

Bos is one of the two largest empires that rose after the Old Empire fell during the cataclysmic collapse of most of the Underdark. Located in the southeastern corner of the continent Panacea, the empire is made up of three major plateaus, as well as an archipelago of smaller plateaus and mesas. The three major plateaus are Greenacre, Highgarden, and Ploughshare. Each plateau is separated by deep canyons or valleys, collectively known as the Canyonlands. The Canyonlands are generally extremely dangerous, and the only permanent dwellers there are nomadic tribes who spend their lives constantly fighting against the creatures who occasionally come up from the many entrances to the Underdark in the canyon walls.

Greenacre is the northern most of the three plateaus, and is the most temperate of the three. Most of Greenacre’s land is given over to farmland, though there are significant mining and industrial areas in the southern areas of the plateau, mostly in the foothills of the Coldstone mountains.

Highgarden is southeast of Greenacre. The second largest plateau, Highgarden’s rich resources of iron and timber have made it the center of Bossonian industry. The massive shipyards of Highgarden have produced the bulk of the Imperial air fleet, as well as providing most of the arms and armor for Imperial forces. Highgarden is not totally industrial however, and several areas in the north and east of the plateau have deep forests and many deep valleys. Highgarden’s Hanging Valley is given over almost entirely to vineyards, and the wines of Hanging Valley are a renowned throughout Panacea.

Ploughshare is the third plateau, located southwest of Greenacre and west of Highgarden. Ploughshare is the empire’s breadbasket, being almost entirely farm and ranch lands, and producing the bulk of the empire’s foodstuffs.

At the confluence of the three plateaus is Fort Wilderness, a massive fortress complex that was built to secure travel and trade routes between the three plateaus.

Following the Old Empire naming convention, the capital city is named Bos Prime, and located Greenacre Plateau. Bos Prime contains the Imperial palace and Senate, as well as the empire’s largest sky port and aerodromes.

Empire of Bos

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