Dragonfly heavy ornithopter

The Dragonfly heavy ornithopter is a tri-wing, multipurpose heavy ornithopter used for multiple roles in the Imperial air fleet. Designed from the ground up as a multi role aerial workhorse, the Dragonfly has several mission specific configurations, but is generally used for heavy Close Air Support (CAS), command and control, and battlefield transport duties. Lacking the agility of the more nimble Wasp fighter bomber, Dragonflies are generally only deployed when air superiority has been achieved, or in covert operations.


The Dragonfly has a variable crew of one to three small creatures. When in a command-and-control or transport configuration, the Dragonfly will have a single pilot in the cockpit at the front of the aircraft. When configured for CAS duties, a pair of door gunners will be added to the crew to man the heavy repeaters.


Dragonflies have variable armament configurations. When used for noncombat applications (ie. transport, medevac) the Dragonfly is totally unarmed. When in a CAS role, the Dragonfly mounts a pair of heavy repeaters on pintle mounts in the side doors, as well as a belly mounted incinerator that fires a compressed stream of alchemist’s fire up to 75 yards.


When in a transport role, a Dragonfly can carry a fully equipped squad of six skyborne jump troops, or up to 1,500 pounds of cargo.

Deployment and Tactics

Noncombat configured Dragonflies will fly singly or in pairs, generally with an escort of at least three Wasps. When configured for CAS duties, Dragonflies will fly in pairs. Dragonfly CAS tactics involve one Dragonfly making a strafing run with it’s incinerator while the second gunship orbits the target using it’s door guns to suppress enemies and set up it’s own strafing run. Maximum loiter time for Dragonflies is generally limited to the available ammunition stores on board.

The standard dragonfly compliment for an Air Wing is 8 ships. Generally this is broken down into two pairs of CAS gunships, three transport/medevac ships, and a command-and-control ship that is made available to the skyborne infantry’s commanding officer.

Dragonfly heavy ornithopter

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